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FJ Engish Award for RROCA Club Members' Photographs of Club Events

The F.J. Engish Award for Club Photography

The name of the Award recognises the photographic contribution to the Club of the F. J. Engish Archive, which contains over 12,000 photographs of Club events, and was photographed by Fred Engish over many years as member of the Victoria Branch of the RROCA. A prize is awarded to the Member whose photograph, taken at a Club event during the calendar year, is judged as being of artistic merit and is representative of the ethos of the Club in relation to both Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars and fellowship amongst Members.

2014 Award

At the 2015 Federal Rally Welcome Reception, it was announced that the winner of the Award for 2014 was Victorian member, Don Grogan. Don has captured the spirit of Club membership at the Victoria Branch Concours where judges were engrossed in their duties for the 2014 Branch Concours. Judging was conducted at the Lionel Gell School of Instruction for Rolls-Royce and Bentley Owners, one of The Foundation’s premises in Melbourne. Victoria Branch members in the background of the photograph were able to watch the judges at work and learn about the technical aspects of Rolls-Royce and Bentley.

D Grogan judging J Link 89 TurboR BRK26896.JPG

2013 Award

At the 2014 Federal Rally Welcome Cocktail Party, it was announced that the winner of the Award for 2013 was N.S.W. Member Lloyd Missen. Lloyd’s
photograph captured the essence of the Club – a typical Australian setting, a line-up of Club cars on the Dawn Patrol (held in September 2013 in Swan Hill, Vic) and perhaps more importantly, the spirit of friendship amongst rally participants.

2013-130921_Panorama 2 Dawn Patrol 12.jpg

2012 Award

This year the judging the award was judged by RROCA members’ choice. Members were invited to choose one photograph and notify their selection to the Foundation. At the 2013 Federal Rally in Glenelg in April 2013 the Chairman of the SHRF Trustees announced the winner of the 2012 Photo Competition: the photo of the 1936 Rolls-Royce 25/30, GGM3, owned by Ken Folliott (QLD) (right) taken at the Queensland Branch run to Mount Mee in January 2012 by junior member, Jordan Carson (QLD).


2011 Award

This year the judging panel comprised the previous winners of the Award: Alan Dyer (VIC); Bryan Inder (NSW); and Brian Carson (QLD). Entries taken at Club events during 2011 were received and together convey different aspects of Club life - cars old and new, people, driving and beautiful vistas.

Liam Carson, who is a junior member Queensland Branch, took the winning photograph. It is of 1957 Bentley S1, B464EG (right), owned by Ian and Susie Maitland and was taken at the 2011 Queensland Branch Concours d’Elegance. This image has been captured with a beautiful background and includes a couple further away giving the photograph the impression that the Bentley stands waiting to take them away after they have admired the view. The use of more than one main object tells a great story – a beautiful car, a view and people.

Photo No. 3.jpeg

Highly commended was Patty Aiosa’s (NSW) photograph of David McPhee (QLD) with his 1909 Silver Ghost, 1122, (right) the oldest Rolls-Royce in Australia, at the 2011 Federal Rally in Canberra. An evocative scene of a lovely old vehicle with its owner.

Photo No. 1.jpeg

2010 Award

The winning photograph for 2010 is of 1937 Rolls-Royce 20/25hp, chassis number GRC24 (at right), taken at the Queensland All British Day by Queensland Branch member Brian Carson. The competition attracted 16 entries and was judged by Mark Bean, who is one of Australia's leading automotive magazine photographers. Mark commented, "Nice dramatic angle, clever use of colour and contrast".


Highly commended in second place is Victoria Branch Member, Adam Griffiths' photograph titled 'The loneliness of the car photographer' taken at the 2010 RROCA Federal Rally in Hobart (below). Mark commented, "I love the composition: the placement of the photographer is excellent. A photo full of character".


Third place went to Peter Forbes from the South Australia Branch for his photograph of 1935 Bentley 3.5 litre, B64EF, taken at the 2010 South Australian Branch Concour d'Elegance. Mark commented, "Cars are meant to be driven, and enjoyed. I like the spirit of this photo, especially the joy on the occupants' faces".


2009 Award

Now in its second year, the F J Engish Award for Club Photography, for events during 2009, attracted 23 entries from 11 Club members. The photographs were judged by Mark Bean, who is one of Australia’s leading automotive magazine photographers. The Foundation wishes to record its appreciation to Mark for the time and careful consideration he gave to the judging.

The winner for the 2009 year is Queensland Branch member Brian Carson, who commented, “I have only recently joined the Club and a good friend allows me to take his Bentley S2 Flying Spur for a run.” Mark Bean chose Brian’s photo of the Bentley taken at the All British Day in Brisbane and commented: “There is something artistic about this photo, no matter how I layed the photos out, my eye always went straight to this one. The lighting and tones are quite beautiful, and the composition simple yet strong.”

right: 1960 Bentley S2 Continental, BC14AR, a H J Mulliner Flying Spur saloon at the All British Day, 20 September, 2009, in Brisbane.

Entry 10.jpg

right: Queensland Branch member, Kerry Moorhouse's photo of 1973 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, SRH16864, at the Pinnacles, Western Australia on the Terra Australis Overlander after the 51st Federal Rally in Western Australia received this comment from the judge, Mark Bean, "Strong desert location and good composition". Kerry's photo was also judged as the winner of the People's Choice Photograph award at the 2010 Federal Rally in Hobart, Tasmania.

Entry 3.jpg

2008 Award

The inaugural F. J. Engish Award for Club Photography, was announced at the Albany, Western Australia, Rally of the Rolls-Royce Owners' Club of Australia in March 2009. The award seeks to encourage and reward excellence in Club photography.

The name of the Award recognises the photographic contribution to the Club of the F. J. Engish Archive, which contains over 12,000 photographs of Club events. The joint winners for 2008 Bryan Inder and Alan Dyer.

ghost and outback rocks.jpg

right upper: 1923 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, 12HG, at Uluru in Central Australia during a joint Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club and Silver Ghost Association ‘Wholly Ghost Tour’ on 15 May 1996. Submitted by NSW Branch member Bryan Inder.

right: 1975 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, SRH22107, at the gates of Government House in Melbourne when the Victoria Branch was invited to a Charity Day on 17 November 2002. Submitted by Victoria Branch member Alan Dyer.

shadow at govt house gates.jpg