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F H Royce & Co Electric Crane Motors

Before Henry Royce became involved in motor cars he formed F.H. Royce & Co in 1884 when he was 21. That Company manufactured dynamos and electric cranes; parts of one of the latter were donated to the Foundation when the building housing them was demolished. Surprisingly perhaps, F.H. Royce's most successful product was a consumer item making use of the then ‘new’ marvel, electricity, in the home: an electric door bell.

The Foundation has three F.H. Royce electric motors from an overhead travelling crane which was installed in the heavy engineering company, Marfleet & Weight Pty Ltd’s Flockhart Street, Abbotsford manufacturing plant.

3 BHP - 220 v - 14 Amp - 700 Revs - Machine No 93903 - Crane traverse motor

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5 BHP - 220 v - 22.5 Amp - 600 Revs - Machine No 92344 - Crane travel motor

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15 BHP - 220 v - 60 Amp - 560 Revs - Machine No 92644 - Crane hoist motor

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